Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer All Episodes With Urdu Subtitles

 Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer All Episodes With Urdu Captions | مہمتچک کوت الظفر ڈرامہ

Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer, one of the aggressive television series of TRT1, created by Bozdağ Film and delivered by Mehmet Bozdağ, meets with the crowd on Tuesday, October 23. He is currently running for triumph in the television series "Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer", where the main seeds of Turkish history were planted. All in all, where is the Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer series shot, who is in the cast?

Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer All Episodes With Urdu Subtitles.مہمتچک کوت الظفر,

The commencement has started for the main episode of Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer , the continuation of Mehmetçik Kut'ül-Amare . Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer, featuring Ismail Hacıoğlu, Cansu Tosun and Ismail Ege Şaşmaz, will say "hi" to the screens this evening.

The greatest level in Turkey was ready by building a total "Kut" city with 60 roads, palaces, mosques, hospitals, houses, chateaus, markets, motels, squares, garisson huts and the Tigris Stream on 180 decares of land in Istanbul Riva.

While a passage with a breadth of 1.40 meters and a length of 1 kilometer was unearthed under the city laid out for "Mehmetçik Kutlu Triumph", 10 meters of cell type burrow loads were made underground.

A 700 square meter blue box pool with a profundity of 1.70 meters was worked for the series. This pool has the differentiation of being one of the biggest blue box pools on the planet with regards to measure and profundity.

مہمتچک کوت الظفر مکمل سیزن اردو سب ٹائٹل کے ساتھ :

 It involved interest where the Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer series, which was watched with incredible interest and significance, was shot. It tells the battle of Mehmet and his companions, the restoration of the Ottoman Domain, which is getting ready for WWI. So where is the show recorded? Here is the nitty gritty data about Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer.

 In the shooting of the Mehmetçik Kutlu Zafer series, extraordinary endeavors are made to mirror the climate of the period. An enormous film set was set up in Riva for the series, which is perhaps of the greatest creation made in Turkey. Particularly the attack and fight scenes were performed on this level. Indeed, even the quay of Kutulamare on the Tigris was resuscitated in Riva. Different scenes of the series are shot in Istanbul, Adapazarı, Kefken and Konya.

 The penances made by Mehmet, who is an understudy at Darülfünun, for his nation structure the primary subject of the series. To this end, Mehmet is trying to join the Osmancık Force, headed by Süleyman Askery Bey and housed in skilled warriors, to go to the front. Battling for his country, Mehmet likewise has a legendary love illicit relationship with Zeynep, which adds something else altogether to the account of the series.

 Showing his chivalry in the Bedouin geology with the Osmancık Legion, Mehmet shows an extraordinary battle all through the series. What he does in the district where he is doled out makes him be a legend in the Osmancık Brigade. Mehmet, who put his life at risk in the attack that the Ottoman Realm took the English in Kûtulamare, becomes perhaps of the main name in the epic of Kûtulamare. The series reveals insight on Mehmet's life, yet additionally on the existences of his chivalrous friends. The tenacious battles between Ottoman fighters and English troopers meet with the crowd in the radiance of authentic sources.

Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer Season 1 All Episodes in Urdu :


Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer Complete Show :

Understanding that he can't escape the city of Kut by battling, General Townshend searches for an answer in another manner. He offers Halil Bey cash and requests that he permit himself and his military to leave the city. Halil Bey's response to this proposition will be astounding for the General. Understanding that he can't leave the city with a cash offer, General Townshend makes an arrangement to escape from the city. In spite of the fact that Skipper Hamilton offers to remain and battle, the still up in the air to escape the city. Can the English armed force unobtrusively escape the city around evening time? While the General intends to get away, Hamilton has something else altogether as a top priority. Hamilton, who hijacked Fatma, considers getting Skopje along these lines… Will Hamilton, who has committed to shed blood, find true success? Skopje has just a single arrangement. Possibly they will kill the adversary or they will bite the dust! Skopje and others wage war and riot to retaliate for the passing of Baba Haydar, Mehmet, Zeynep, every one of the saints, every one of the children of the country! In these occasions when horrendous road clashes, clench hand to-battle battles are occurring, the Ottoman armed force is moving toward the city of Kut under the order of Halil Bey. Each one is looking for Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer complete season with urdu captions. These grounds, consumed by the sweltering sun, will at this point not be squashed by the foe's boots thanks to the discernment of Skopje and his companions, and the fortitude of the Ottoman troopers. In these times when battles to the passing are occurring, the Ottoman armed force is moving toward the city of Kut under the order of Halil Bey. These grounds, consumed by the warm sun, will presently not be squashed by the foe's boots thanks to the intuition of Skopje and his companions, and the fortitude of the Ottoman troopers. In these times when battles to the demise are occurring, the Ottoman armed force is moving toward the city of Kut under the order of Halil Bey. These grounds, consumed by the blistering sun, will at this point not be squashed by the adversary's boots thanks to the keenness of Skopje and his companions, and the mental fortitude of the Ottoman troopers.

Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer Show Cast :

İsmail Hacıoğlu as SKOPJE

Ali was brought into the world in Skopje; He is a chivalrous Turkish leader who is, not set in stone and ready to bite the dust for his country.

He is one of the significant names of Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa. He gave extraordinary battles against the adversary troops on the Iraqi front. Regardless of whether he is separated from everyone else, he has sufficient confidence and a tactical virtuoso to shape a military and win once more.

Skopje has faith in the force of reason. As far as he might be concerned, reason and conviction should exist together. As far as he might be concerned, the affection for the nation starts things out. Skopje doesn't surrender reality he protects against his bosses, even at the expense of his life. He is one of the uncelebrated yet truly great individuals who

accept until the end that the Ottoman Realm will rise in the future and live for this huge Dream .

He makes an honest effort to save the city of Kut, which was caught by the English, and to raise the banner of the state once more.

Cansu Tosun as FATiMA

She is the lone offspring of Şerif Neccar, one of the significant dealers of the city of Kut. Romantic, still up in the air, Fatma finished her news coverage training in Beirut and turned into a writer.

Fatima has a decent hearted and credulous person. He is a loyalist who battles against bad form as far as possible.

İsmail Ege Şaşmaz as MEHMET

Mehmet, in his mid-20s, tall, athletic body, understudy of, not entirely set in stone, dedicated to his country as far as possible, will give his life for his companions and country without a second thought; It Is A Piece Of Lion , so to talk .

He lost his folks in the Ottoman-Greek conflict when he was 5 years of age. He was raised by Hüsrev Baba, who found and took on him on the front line. Hüsrev went about as both a parent, a companion and a guide to him.

Hüsrev likewise assisted Mehmet with growing up as a devoted young fellow. Hüsrev's humanism from Bektashism affected Mehmet. Simultaneously, Mehmet is an obstinate character with major areas of strength for an of civil rights, a defiant spirit, and an insane individual, other than the mistreated.

He is a smart young fellow who can utilize his psyche and feelings on a typical denominaton. Despite the fact that Mehmet is his step-little girl, he acknowledges Hüsrev as his dad in the profundities of his heart. He acknowledged Said as his own sibling.

The inclination basic Mehmet's adoration for country is the homicide of his folks at 5 years old before his eyes.

Ozgur Kaya - ZEYNEP

Zeynep is perhaps of the most gorgeous young lady the Iraqi deserts have at any point seen… In spite of the fact that she is essentially as smooth as a gazelle, she can areas of strength for be a desert lion when vital… She is a tall, flimsy neck, slight midsection, bruised eyes, dark hair, brunette excellence in her mid 20s.

Intrigued by verse and love stories, Zeynep's #1 work is the masnavi of Leyla and Mecnun.

He knows forwards and backwards the Bedouin Evenings, which he advanced by paying attention to his grandma. Being valiant, enthusiastic and gracious is one of his distinctive elements. Selling out, lying and traitorousness are ways of behaving that he could do without. The journal wherein he wrote his sentiments, recollections and contemplations is the main thing that he doesn't separate from his side and can't surrender. Zeynep, who is a resilient lady, likewise has a close to home, rich and emphatic nature. Having a functional knowledge is one of its prevailing qualities. Watching the stars on the rooftop in obscurity evenings of Kut-ül Amare and wandering off in fantasy land is one of its various viewpoints. She answers to the people who ask her for what reason she didn't wed, by saying, 'Except if the nation is free, our loves are likewise in bondage'. Her legend is her grandma. He does the recuperating, which he gained from his grandma, as a calling to help individuals. After Mehmet comes to Kut-ül Amare, they will have a cozy relationship and this will make an extraordinary romantic tale between them. He will be an accomplice in Mehmet's battle for the freedom of Kut-ül Amare from the occupation, and will set out his life for this holy obligation with Mehmet's companions.

Berk Erçel HALİL KUT

Halil Bey is a clever administrator who dazzles anybody with his speedy mind and sharp eyes. Halil Kut is in his 40s. Despite the fact that his guileless and respectful perspectives caused him to encounter authority issues every once in a while, he generally knew how to defeat troubles with his normal moves and legislative issues.

He is furious that the high position he obtained early on is continually ascribed to his nephew Enver Pasha. This present circumstance transformed into his feelings of trepidation and caused eruptions of outrage. Notwithstanding, Halil Bey, who loves to peruse and learn, can work on himself very quickly.

Episode 1 
His most significant component is that he stands by without complaining and completes his work guilefully, not with beast force. He is an individual who loves to talk and appreciates giving discourses to his warriors. His main dream is to demonstrate his legitimacy by accomplishing extraordinary accomplishments. He isn't merciless, he is a finished lawmaker, however he is somebody who will do a wide range of remorselessness by utilizing utensils when suitable. Ali from Skopje is shared with Halil Bey by Süleyman Askery. She has an extraordinary soft spot for him. Nonetheless, he won't generally approve of Ali to follow up on his own, this will make Halil Kut fall into politically tough spots. Halil Kut is the fundamental legend of the series. He battled chivalrously against the English in the attack of city of Kut, and was engaged with a hot conflict on many fronts in the protection of the country.

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