Dream of Balance meaning in islamic point of view

  Dream of Balance meaning in islamic point of view, Dream of Balance IBN E SIREN,B,

 dream of Balance: (Scale) A balance and a scale in a dream have similar interpretations.

Both represent faith, justice and righteousness in words and actions. In a

dream, a balance also may represent a wife, or it could mean payment of one's

debts. A steelyard in a dream represents an architect or a builder. A miller's

scale in a dream represents a man who considers himself worthy of respect,

while his actions, earnings and moves are contemptible. 

A precision scale in a dream represents a warning against heedlessness and concern for proper

accounting for one's actions. The justice scale represents a judge. If it stands

balanced in one's dream, then it means that the judge of that locality is a just

and a learned person. In a dream, the scales of a balance represents the judge's

ears. The money put on a scale for measuring represents the lawsuits, and the

weights represent the judgment. If one sees himself standing before God

Almighty on Judgment Day and if his good deeds weigh heavier than his sins

in the dream, it means that he will reckon himself, reflect about his bad actions

and correct the course of his life.

 Consequently, his reward in the hereafter will be greater. Seeing the Balance of the Day of 

Judgement in a dream means vulnerability of people's secrets, exposing one's actions in public, 

recognition of the ultimate truth, joy, happiness, victory and justice. If one's deeds are

praiseworthy, then he will be a winner. Ifone's deeds are blameworthy, then he

will be a loser. In general, a balance in a dream represents a guide, an example

to follow, a scholar one seeks to learn at his hand, a ruler, a criterion and the

Qur'fm. It also may represent one's tongue and correctness, truthfulness, lies,

incredulity or trustworthiness. (Also see Measure'; Measurer; Scale)

Balancer: (See Stabilizer)

dream of Balcony

Sitting in a balcony during the summertime in a dream means comfort,

dispelling aggravations, recovering from an illness, or exposing one's secrets. A

balcony in a dream also could mean honor, or if seen with the city walls, then

it represents the governor of the town, or it could mean the battlement. The

parapet on top of the walls represents his armies, his entourage or his ammunition

and the stored provisions of the city. If the walls are interpreted to be wealth,

then the balconies and the battlement represent its guards and servants.

Balconies in a dream also represent the front rows of one's enemy. (Also see Walls

of the city)

Baldheadedness: (Also see Baldness)

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