Dream of Battlefield meaning in Islam

   Dream of Battering ram meaning: (See Missile launcher)

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Dream of Battlefield: In a dream, a battlefield represents actions, accomplishments, activities, fulfillments, success, victory, warning to children or training them to

become professional soldiers.

Dream of Battlement meaning: (See Citadel)

Dream of Bay-color meaning: (See Maroon)

Dream of Bay meaning: 

A bay in a dream represents a man and a woman who are entrusted to guard

and protect other's personal secrets, belongings or money.

Dream of Beacon meaning: (See Banner; Torch)

Dream of Beads salesman meaning: 

(Beads; Chaplet; Necklace; Pearls; Prayer beads; Women) In a

dream, he is a man who embellishes women's apparels or sells them. When a

beads salesman is seen in a dream, he represents a man who interferes with or

deals in women's businesses. (Also see Prayer beads)

Dream of Beads meaning: (See Counting beads; Prayer beads)

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