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Dream of belt meaning in islam,B,Dream of blow meaning in islam,Dream of betrayal meaning in islam,

Dream of Bellows: (Air blower; Blacksmith) If a bellows is made from wood in one's dream,

it means loss of dignity, demotion or loss of property. Owning a bellows in a dream means acquiring vast control and sovereignty if one qualifies for that.

Otherwise, a bellows in a dream means benefits and blessings. Seeing a bellows

blowing fire in a dream means completing a project, satisfying a need, reaching

one's goal or earning money. If the bellows are not in use, or if they are not

blowing air into the fire, then they signify distress, adversities and trouble.

Seeing bellows that are used by a goldsmith or a silversmith in a dream means

sincerity in one's faith, certitude and devoting one's life to worshipping God

Almighty. Seeing bellows that are used in blowing glass in a dream signify deceit

and cunningness. Bellows in a dream also represent a woman who conceive

children easily, then quickly has miscarriages. Bellows in a dream also repre-

sent a hot tempered man, a prison, a police station, or a torture dungeon. Seeing

bellows in use by a blacksmith in a dream means easing of one's trouble. (Also

see Blowing into the fire)

Dream of Belt: (Cincture; Cummerbund; Fastening; Sash; Waist belt) In a dream, a belt

depicts the carrier of burdens. It also implies travels, money, savings or

stinginess. It also could mean serious endeavors and assiduity in seeking

knowledge. A belt or a waistband in a dream could represent one's wife or his

property. If a woman sees herself wearing a waistband, then it represents her

brother, brother in-law, or father in-law. If she is pregnant, it means that she

will beget a daughter. If a man sees himself wearing a waistband in a dream,

it represents a woman in his family to whom it is unlawful for him to marry. A

broken belt in a dream means a fight with one's wife. If one's waistband becomes

a snake in the dream, it means enmity with his brother in-law. If his waistband

is drenched in blood in the dream, it means that he may get killed because of

his wife, or that he may conspire to kill his wife. Wearing a belt in a dream also

represents bundles of money one carries, or an unanticipated misfortune he may

attract. Buying a new belt in a dream means protecting one's property, money

or knowledge. (Also see Cincture; Cummerbund; Waistband; Waist belt)

Dream of Bench: (Outdoor bench) If One sees a cement bench in front of his door in a dream,

it means that one's wife is having a secret affair. If one sees himself sitting on

a bench in a dream, it means that he will gain status, honor, rank, money or

should he qualify for it, he could sit on the judges bench.

Bend: (See Twist)

Benediction: (See Blessings)

Benevolence: (See Amity)

Bequeath: (See Beggar; Soliciting advice)

Bequest: (See Will)

Dream of Bereavement of one's child: In real life, it represents the opposite of what is seen

in a dream. It means rejoicing, reunions, pleasures and respect. Sometimes it

is also interpreted to portray an intention of one's children or wife to separate

from the family or to live on their own. (Also See Child)

Berries: (See Plum)

Besiege: (See Siege)

Dream of Besmear: (Brand; Stigmatize; Smut) To spread something with an unctuous

substance in a dream means being sanctimonious, self-righteous or false.

Bethlehem: (See City)

Dream of Betrayal: (Deception; Double-cross; Milk; Misleading; Renegade; Trickery; War)

In a dream, betrayal of others mean shortcomings or religious disdain and

failure in one's life in this world. Betrayal in a dream also means a robbery or

being in dire need of the victim.

Betrothal: (See Book)

Betting: (See Casting lots; Gambling)

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