Dreaming of Abacus in islam

Dreaming of Abacus interpretation by Ibn e siren

 Abacus: (Calculator)

Dreaming of Abacus in islam

 In a dream, an abacus represents social order, conformity

and uprightness. Seeing an abacus in a dream also reflects one's own state and

conduct. If the frame and beads are in a good condition, operate smoothly and

smell fragrant in the dream, the abacus then denotes one's uprightness and good

conduct. If they look dirty, greasy and rough to handle in the dream, then they

denote the ill management of one's life or business. If one sees an abacus in such

a condition in his dream, it may also represent unsanitary food preparation, a

greasy spoon restaurant, or it could mean abating the declared weight or value

of a merchandise. An abacus in a dream also may represent a well behaved child,

a student, a teacher, or a judge. Ifone turns into an abacus in a dream, it means

an illness or a calamity. An abacus in a dream also means that one's patience,

contentment and trust in God Almighty will reserve him a generous reward.

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