Dreaming of Apparel in islam

 Dreaming of  Apparel in islam 

Dreaming of  Apparel in islam ibn e siren interpretation

Dreaming of  Apparel in islam,Dreaming of  Apparel in islam ibn e siren interpretation,A,

Apparel: (Adornment; Attire; Costume; Garb; Veil) In a dream, one's apparel vary

in meaning depending on their contents, colors or type, etcetera. Wearing one's

garb in the winter in a dream is better than wearing it in the summer. Wrapping

oneself with a cloth in a dream means becoming poor. An attire in a dream

represents a man and a leader. An attire for a scholar, or a merchant, or a leader

in a dream represents his trade through which one earns his livelihood and

which protects him from adversities. If one's apparel is dirty in the dream, then

it reflects his life and appearance. If one wears a beautiful garb in the

summertime in a dream, it means that he is ostentatious, arrogant and

vainglorious. It also could mean that he is under great pressure and suffering

from a painful distress, for the heat of a summer in a dream signifies distress.

If a woman sees herself wearing a man's apparel in a dream, it means piety and

success in her material and spiritual life. If a man sees himself wearing a

woman's apparel in a dream, it means that he will be afflicted with fear,

depression, subjugation, humiliation, trials, then all of it will be lifted away

from him. (Also see Veil; Yashmak)

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